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Given a chance; Will you opt for Pre-recorded or Live Coaching for the Digital Marketing course?  If your answer is Live Coaching then you are at the right place. Let’s understand the advantage and disadvantages of the Live vs. Pre-recorded Digital Marketing Course.

1. 1-way communication. Only you intake the info. 2-way communication. You interact with your instructor.
2. If your intake doesn’t match the frequency of the pre-recorded video,  information Overload starts Very little chance of information overload if your instructor is proper he/she will match the frequency and move ahead.
3. When  information Overload starts your implementation stops Implementation happens under the guidance of the instructor so no chance of missing it out.
4. Once your implementation stops then you tend to lose focus and interest. Under Instructor guidance, you keep implementing so no chance of losing the interest or  focus
5 Its time taking to approach the course creator Very easy to approach and your question and queries are answered then and there.
5 Even 100 videos will not be useful if you don’t grasp and implement it well. Only 8 to 12 sessions are enough if you grasp and implement it well under the instructor’s guidance
6 There are chances  you may come across a course that has been recorded long back and is outdated No chance of Outdated course content as its Live session and implementation happens in parallel.

My intention is not to find fault under the pre-recorded courses. But due to human tendency, we face these issues that we don’t want to.  It has happened with me and many of us that’s the reason I came up with this Live course.

Why you should choose my join my course

  1. I am offering live classes which are difficult to find which will support all the advantages of the Live course.
  2. You can attend the first module for free and then you can decide to join. Hence nothing to lose only to gain with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  3. It’s a Certificate course. End Of that class you will be awarded a certificate.
  4. My live course is 25% theory and 75% practical.
  5. Live session at this price is 100% affordable, provided you understand the value of it.